Where is our product origin?

Our company is selling imported products from various Asian’s country, such as China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore also India. You can choose your own country preferences while stocks is last.

Why choose us?

We only provide high quality products with long-term usage time as one of its main consideration. For our distributors convenience, we offer complete packaging to stocks the stuff in the storage. We are also having our caring and well organized team to help and service you at their best.

Payment terms?

This subject is depending on what product do you choose and how many quantities would you like to bought.

Different payment terms will subject to different prices. The payment itself can be done with cash, transfer or cheque.

Delivery procedures

Our mobility is available from Monday – Saturday 08.00 am – 05.00 pm.

If you would like to have your goods delivered by early morning, make sure to have a reservation one and two day before, depends on our mobility traffics.

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