We were an established company since 1980 first located on Jakarta, Indonesia and basically was the first importer of Truck & Trailer’s Spareparts in Jakarta. Begin with our founder’s biggest determination and passion in automotive industry, along with excellent performance and sales progress, we are rewarded as third best importer from Indonesia on 1990.

Going through 1998 national economic crisis when most of our partners and competitor collapse, is one of the hardest situation that ever happened to our company. Yet our ability to change and adapt quickly to seek new perspective and opportunity, that makes us even stronger than before.
Now we are having three branches over three city in Indonesia and still keeping up with other new advancements, new born company and new market conditions.


With new advancements appearing every day, the markets, distribution channels as well as the competition charging all the time, we are holding to these values as Japanese culture has inspired us:

  • Accurate Details
  • Customer Value
  • Innovation, originality, differentation
  • Overcoming difficulties
  • Persistence in vision and success
  • Strenghtening of corporate culture, goal, and vision
  • Demonstrting integrity, pioneering spirit and depth in thinking


Things we can’t compromise is quality, so that we are doing continuous & daily quality control and always seek for the best yet innovative products to be provided for our loyal customers.

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